Advantages Of Voip Technology As Proposed By Omid Shekarchian}

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Advantages of Voip Technology as proposed by Omid Shekarchian


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There are a lot of uses of communication and it tends to contribute significantly to the growth of the society. In simple terms, communication is a means through which messages or certain information could be passed from one to another. It is a proven way to inherit experience or knowledge from previous generations and by passing it on to future generations, thus giving us an ability to progress, perform and produce. Conclusively, it forms an integral part of our life to communicate with each other.

Formerly, the modes of communication were pretty slow and with the advancement of technology, telephone and wireless systems came into existence. Communicating to distant countries across the globe over the telephone turned out to be an expensive affair and there was a need to launch something more effective at lower costs. In the present age, the speeds of communication are increasing and there is a need to follow the super-fast data streams over the internet. The inception of VoIP opened a new era of communication techniques.

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Here the communication takes place over the internet. With reduced costs and highly effective performance, more and more people are turning towards VoIP services. The biggest advantage is that information could be exchanged within a fraction of a second, just like the conventional telephony. VoIP converts the conventional analog signal into a digital format, an acceptable form to be able to transmit over the internet. The signal could then be received in the receivers end in the same format.

VoIP service could also be used by the means of a digital phone or a soft phone. In addition, some people also use it through a conventional Analog phone. The biggest advantage is that it is completely user-friendly and the users just need to dial the number in order to get started. The service functions globally and in accordance to the bandwidth, the users can also use the video features, enhancing complete media conferences. This adds benefit to the corporate organisations that has headquarters in different countries. People often use it to stay in touch with friends and relatives residing in several parts of the world and they tend to feel so empowered with the video conferencing mode.

On the other hand, since the VoIP signals are transmitted over the internet, the service is prone to attacks existing on the internet. The data exchanged over digital internet streams could be easily hacked by experts and therefore this technology is not as secured. Although, there are a lot of developments in the field, government and military organisations are employing Voice over Secured Internet Protocol (VoSIP) so as to ensure secured transmissions. However, regardless of the security flaw, the technology is escalating in popularity due to its effectiveness and inexpensiveness.

Profile: Omid started his career in the telecommunication business development at a very early age. He has more than 15 years of experience in financial planning and optimized cash flow system design and development. He joined Tele1Ten Inc recently where his task was to provide complete one-stop solutions business model for comprehensive voice and data needs. Omid Shekarchian has fair incumbent knowledge for front end and back end interface and has developed unique wireless solutions capable of reaching millions of subscribers in wide region.

Omid has earned his BS degree in electrical engineering through KNT University and got his MS degree in Operations Research through the University of Industry & Science. It has been a decade since VoIP has scaled high on the development graph which shows its popularity and its cost-effectiveness. VoIP is the latest trend in the telecommunication industry which helps users to make calls with the help internet rather using any telecom provider.

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Advantages of Voip Technology as proposed by Omid Shekarchian